Positive Impact as a driver for Growth.

Nasdan was established because we believe that the largest and most fascinating opportunity of the next decades is to identify the best ways to utilise humanity’s abilities for innovation,creativity, entrepreneurship and technological development, in addressing our biggest challenges.
This is an opportunity for each, on the personal level, to make a positive impact in the world, but also to lead an incredibly satisfying and financially successful career.
It is also an opportunity for organizations and governments to define new models for ensuring sustainability and prosperity by building products, platforms and businesses that lean on positive impact as a driver for their growth and scale. We see our role as enablers for all relevant players and stakeholders to collaborate generate massive impact for us all.

Let's Build Your Imagination

Technology in Solving Challenges.

At our core, we are committed to inspiring the role of technology in solving challenges for society and various industries on the basis that the industry of technology is infused in other sectors.
From project idea pilots to embedding solutions into larger systems and supporting their scaling into new markets, a key element in our work is to create a conversation between different stakeholders which is crucial to ensure successful and implementable innovation and impact.
Each alliance, whether it be addressing challenges in aging, education, food waste, or climate has its own tailored elements, but all share our unique philosophy.

Let's Build Your Imagination

Doing more than talking about the greatest problems facing our world.

We are committed to using technology to positively impact the planet and as part of our work, we seek to inspire and empower a generation that will not only survive – but drive and thrive – in the increasingly digital economy, where good ideas have the ability to make a difference more quickly than ever before.


Harnesses innovation, technology and entrepreneurial spirit to address challenges.


Use technology to develop and implement innovative and scalable solutions that create impact.


Inspire and empower a generation of global problem solvers

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What They Say About Us

A key element in our work is to create a conversation between different stakeholders which is crucial to ensure successful and implementable innovation and impact.

Manzi Munanura
Team Lead Keza Pyshcology Centre
Highly Recommended
Nasdan was recommended to me by a trustworthy friend and am happy to say that i never got disappointed.
Ainembabazi Vivian
CEO Teenie Weenies
The Best Services
From the talks to understand the business requirements, Nasdan works on solutions while keeping stakeholders aware.
Arinaitwe Survival
Civil Engineer
Sustainability First
I love that Nasdan is not only focusing on IT Services but also making the world a better place through tech for good.
Patra Mirembe
Bio-medical Engineer
Embracing STEAM
Amazing to educate students at a young about the use and love of STEAM and engineering though Robotics.
Tindimwebwa Ephraim
Financial Analyst
Undeniably the Best
Nasdan does great work with data through data analydis services and the services have eased our work.